I have returned.

2008-07-02 08:23:26 by Conian

So, yeah... I kind of forgot about NewGrounds for a while due to some study-related stuff and a theatre performance I was in. However, my summervacation just started last week and I'm settling into the old rhythm of getting up late and going to bed late again, so my creativity is bound to get a boost. I've got some new music coming up and I'm working on my banner, so it'd be safe to say I'm back. :P

~ Conian

Did someone say "Gerudo Valley"?

2008-01-29 20:30:44 by Conian

So I just noticed my Gerudo Valley remix from OoT is somewhere around the top 10 Gerudo Valley remixes at the moment, which is awesome! However... This song is merely a beta. There will be a new version up either tomorrow or the day after that. I'm still on a fence about my own original input though.
The name is going to change from "A Night in the Valley" to "A Night in Gerudo Valley", so everyone will know what the song is about just by seeing the title. ;-)
Some sounds have changed, melodies have been altered and added... The version that is currently up was version 2 of the song and I'm now at version 9. Whether or not it's changed for the good, I'll leave that up for you to decide...

- Conian

Looking through my old music directories on my pc, I found some old stuff for RPGs friends of mine were making about 2 years ago. Listening to all those files, I decided there's actually some "quality stuff" in there (of course that's up to you guys to decide) and uploaded one of my personal favourites: "Forestwalk". No need to explain that one, I think. Just listen to it, rate and review! You should know by now that I reply to every single review. :P

It's a bit different from my other songs though. No synths or whatsoever, it's just classical instruments and you'll be hearing alot more of those, I'm afraid: as a prog-rock fan, I'm always trying to combine modern sounds and classical instruments.

- Conian

New song!

2008-01-26 06:59:49 by Conian

"Brace Yourself" is now on the Audio Portal, as promissed.

Thanks for the guys at the Underdog list for considering me (and even bringing me up there :-P)! Hope I'll get on and maybe get some more reviews (and no more instant-0 voters that don't leave comments...).

Zelda OST samples for the fangame a friend of mine's making coming up somewhere next week!

- Conian

Yay, newz!

2008-01-25 14:47:08 by Conian

Yay, my submission was approved (thanks to CaptainBob for that), so feel free to do the clicky thing on " Earth's Invasion" below this blog entry! ;-) Please rate and review, I'd like to improve my style!

I've also uploaded the beta of my Gerudo Valley remix (it needs a proper name though, just called it "A Night in the Valley"), a Boss Battle ("Take him down") and a Tense Battle ("Brace yourself") theme. For all three, feel free to rate and review!

- Conian

EDIT: Heh, I didn't know about the 2 submissions per day rule... "Brace Yourself" will arrive tomorrow, hahaha.

How long must I wait?

2008-01-24 12:40:28 by Conian

So I signed up here... Posted my first submission... About two days ago... And it still hasn't been approved.

How long must I wait? :(

I have however decided to add another remix to the grid: Gerudo Valley (yes, AGAIN that song.)

Also, a friend of mine's working on a Zelda fan-game and asked me to take care of the music. She going to get graded for it, so I might as well put some effort in it. It's going to be an orchestral soundtrack, no techno/metal/whatsoever, with both remixes/arrangements and original songs.

Bots are weird

2008-01-23 03:30:44 by Conian

So there I am, still waiting for the approval of my first Audio submission... I did get a PM this morning though... Something about a comment of mine being deleted. So let me get this straight:

- People can call someone a fag, douche or whatsoever and then continue to basically flame them without any problems.

However, if I merely say that their flash is a crappy immitation of a flash that has become a fad (the JEM flash) and say they should be ashamed of themselves, my review gets flagged and I actually get a warning from a bot, telling me I should watch my reviews? WTF is that shit? And of course there's nowhere to complain about it... Jeez...

First entry!

2008-01-22 19:14:37 by Conian

Woohoo, I've finally decided to become a member of NewGrounds. Mostly here for providing audio though, as I love composing and remixing.

I've posted a little original song in the Audio Portal, it's called "Earth's Invasion". Because it's my first submission, it has to be approved first, but I'll provide a link once that's done. Expect it soon!

Currently I'm working on some neat stuff, at least, I think it's neat:

Perfect Dark's Pelagic II Orchestral remix.
Zelda fan-game OST, consisting of both remixes and original works.

And of course, I'll upload some of my older songs once my first song's been approved!

- Conian